Opera 11.10 beta1 (Barracuda) released with WebP and WOFF support

A new beta of Opera 11.10 released today features support for both WebP, the new image format for the Web pushed as such by Google, and Web Open Font Format (WOFF), a new web font W3C standard.

Opera is second to implement support for WebP right after Google's Chrome 9 released in February this year. It probably has something to with recent release of new Google's encoding tools that greatly improved quality for still images, but let's not mere speculations dim the fact that Firefox just has to be next :)

As for WOFF, it's hardly a big surprise: Opera is extremely active in W3C with its engineers participating in many, if not most working groups. They didn't actually co-author the current revision of the WOFF specification, but then you still have the beta to play with.

Oh wait, here goes the full changelog.

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