openNURBS 5.0 gets support for Rhino 5

openNURBS 5.0 gets support for Rhino 5

Bob McNeel notified us that he released openNURBS 5.0, an open source C++/.NET toolkit for reading and writing models in Rhino file format (3DM).

The new version features support for Rhino 5.0, so now the toolkit allows reading Rhino 1.0-5.0 files and writing Rhino 2.0-5.0 files. A migration guide to v5.0 for developers is also available and explains API changes.

The openNURBS toolkit isn't the only open source project by McNeel & Associates who develop Rhino itself. Last year they started several new projects: a .NET SDK for Rhino5/Grasshopper, a Python scripting engine, a Grasshopper component for Rhino.Python and others. A year later these projects look well maintained which is quite commendable given how often similar initiatives fail.

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