OpenDCP v0.0.20 adds support for DPX and more

OpenDCP, a set of applications for creating digital cinema packages (DCP), has just been been updated to bring you some major new features.

The new version, currently labeled as beta, adds support for DPX files, YUV/YCbCr color spaces and is now able to create SMPTE subtitle MXF. You can now define start and stop points for JPEG2000 conversion too. The main application is now both a GUI tool with handy user interface and a console application you might like to run on a server.

OpenDCP, a free DCP authoring tool

The plan for future versions involves bugfixes, KDM and encryption, as well as audio and video demuxing from major video formats.

You can download and use OpenDCP on Linux, Mac and Windows. Ubuntu installation tool is likely to complain about quality of the package, so you might like installing it with dpkg instead.

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