Open Asset Import Library gets improved Collada support

Open Asset Import Library gets improved Collada support

New version of OpenAsset Import Library (Assimp for short) is out. The library allows importing and postprocessing files in various 3D file formats.

Changes ins this version:

  • much improved Collada support;
  • added support for MS3D (Milkshape 3D);
  • added support for Ogre XML static meshes;
  • added experimental support for COB (TrueSpace);
  • added automatic test suite to locate regressions;
  • added D and Python 2.n bindings;
  • added basic support for Unicode input files (utf8, utf16 and utf32);
  • add further utilities to the assimp tool (xml/binary dumps, quick file stats);
  • switched to CMake build system;
  • added automatic evaluation of subdivision surfaces for some formats;
  • fixed lots of bugs and improved many existing loaders;
  • improved documentation;
  • added a sample on using Assimp in conjunction with OpenGL.

Source code is available for downloading.

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