Novacut partners Apertus, explores Axiom workflows

Novacut partners Apertus, explores Axiom workflows

Yesterday Novacut and Apertus teams announced their partnership to create an optimized Axiom post-production workflow with Novacut.

This is quite interesting news, because for the first, Elphel-based, open camera by Apertus there already is an ongoing workflow project called Kinoraw, which we covered back in May. It's built on top of Blender's Video Sequence Editor, though.

So when Apertus announced Axiom, an upcoming 4K camera, it was still to be seen which open NLE team would be the first to approach them. Novacut, being a collaboration-focused video editing platform, sounds like a fairly strangely logical pick (not without a series of technical challenges, though).

Jason Gerard DeRose, project lead at Novacut, sees the partnerhsip's goal in improving pre-production, production, and post-production workflows:

It's about time-savings and automation. I know for me personally, making on-set, same-day edits as fast as possible is important, especially making on-set edits practical for multicam shooting.

Apertus presents a fantastic opportunity for us because we can work with them on tuning the metadata the camera outputs, etc, and they can work with us in tuning Novacut to harness unique capabilities the Axiom might have.

And we're excited to see what we can do with direct dmedia integration in the Axiom, which might allow us to fully automate the ingest process, or at least parts of it.

According to Jason, the partnership is going to be a broad R&D effort. It's expected that dmedia (Novacut's digital asset management software) integration will be the first deliverable. This will make it possible to do automatic media backup creation and checking recorded frame integrity.

Currently dmedia is Novacut team's primary focus. Most recently they implemented a peering user interface:

Is there a reason they don't work on the actual editor as much? Jason explains:

Real-time collaboration is the reason we have traction in the industry, so in terms of keeping Novacut financially viable, it's most important for us to focus on things that the industry wants, but that Adobe and AVID can't yet do.

Meanwhile Kinoraw team is still working on the Blender-based workflow for the Elphel-based Apertus camera. Here's a fairly recent video.

Stay tuned for more news on the topic.

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