Normalmap and DDS plug-ins updated for GIMP 2.8

Normalmap and DDS plug-ins updated for GIMP 2.8

Shawn Kirst shook the dust off his Normalmap and DDS plug-ins for GIMP that had been collecting on them since 2010.

Both plug-ins are useful for 3D production and game development, and the Normalmap plug-in, in particular, aims to provide the same feature set that NVidia's Normal Map plug-in for Photoshop has.

GIMP Normalmap plug-in, 2D view

The Normalmap plug-in only got GIMP 2.8 compatibility and native Windows 64-bit binaries.

The DDS plug-in that allows opening and exporting Direct Draw Surface files got a bit further.

DDS exporting options

Apart from the update for GIMP 2.8 and Win64 binaries it now supports saving the existing mipmap chain (for 2D images only) and has DXT compression quality enhancements.

The TODO section at the plug-in's homepage mentions plans to move to GEGL so that higher precision pixel formats could be accessible for reading and writing.

For both plug-ins source code and builds for Windows (both 32bit and 64 bit) are available:

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  1. I wish there was a PPA for this :)

  2. >>I wish there was a PPA for this :)
    Not PPA but:

  3. These 2 Pluggin`s are a Must for gimp Game/3D artist developer i use them in gimp and i use gimp for my texture work. i hope thes 2 keeps alive with gimp 4ever :D
    ps Dyselexia&Norwegian;
    if i can some how donate to developer i will

  4. Feel the same, I wish there was a ppa for this:(

  5. For whatever reason the DXT5nm export function on the DDS plug in does not work, it does not convert the format to the proper channels

  6. I was having troube in gimp Game/3D and when I tried these plugins I saved hours off of my workload

  7. Hello! I have Windows 7 64-bit and I am trying to install the DDS plugin for Gimp 2, however, every time I try to install it into the gimp 2/lib/gimp/2.0/plugin folder, I keep getting an access denied error. Can someone please tell me why? Thanks!

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  9. Is there any available documentation for the DDS Plugin?

    I’d like to know how I have to paste in the different mipmap layers.

    Google-fu does not bring any fruitful results.

  10. Is this compatible / source code available with windows 10?
    And of course, would be better with a PPA..

  11. Would really love to be able to install this, but the 64 bit Windows executable does seemingly nothing (Win 7 Pro) and posts no errors, the website is non-existent, and the documentation points to the broken website. Anything going on with this since June 2012?

  12. Normalmap plug-in only got GIMP 2.8 compatibility and native Windows 64-bit binaries. Is it true?

  13. @Vivian: Are you installing with Admin rights?