Nicholas Bishop is working on dynamic topology for Blender

Nicholas Bishop is working on dynamic topology for Blender

Nicholas Bishop posted an update in the Blender's development blog on his current new project to implement dynamic topology.

Essentially this is about live updating topology of a mesh as you sculpt. The feature is based on "Freestyle: Sculpting meshes with self-adaptive topology" paper. Nicholas got interested in the project right after the paper was submitted for SIGGRAPH and published earlier this year and immediately began experimenting. Here is one of examples:

The code is independent from both unlimited clay by Farsthary and BMesh by Nicholas himself. It's currently available at Gitorious. Graphicall builds might follow soon. For more information please refer to the blog entry.

And here is another video that demoes use of snake hook brush with dynamic topology:

In the mean time Farsthary brushed the dust off his own paper on the subject (the unlimited clay project) and uploaded it for everyone to have a look and maybe put it to some good use.

Was it useful? There's more:

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  1. it would be great to see bmesh and this tool finished. blender needs a proper edged based poly data structure. dynamic topology is quite fun also. if this is anything like the implementations in zbrush or 3dcoat we are in for a treat.

  2. Alexandre Prokoudine 19 October 2011 at 12:15 pm


    Totally agreed :)