News Cycle font gets Greek and Cyrillic support

News Cycle font gets Greek and Cyrillic support

Nathan Willis released a new version of his News Cycle typeface which is a free (OFL) digital version of ATF News Gothic from 1908.

This version adds support for Greek and Cyrillic alphabets. Nathan says he did his best, but he's lacking advanced experience with these scripts, so he's encouraging input.

Here is Greek mixed up with Latin:

Greek script

Here is Cyrillic mixed up with Latin:

Cyrillic script

Nathan also added oldstyle numerals and math symbols:

Oldstyle numerals and math symbols

The kerning was done by Igino Marini in iKern. Hinting and instructions are autogenerated, but Nathan is considering ttfautohint. News Cycle is available in Regular style, in both TrueType and OpenType formats. Bold style is in works.

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  1. The updated News Cycle fonts by Nathan Willis is much cleaner, much easier to read on a digital screen especially for the Greek fonts.  I’ve used it in a few paper documents and it also prints will.