News Cycle v0.2 font released

News Cycle v0.2 font released

Nathan Willis, who is more known for his journalistic contributions to free graphics software, released second beta version of his new OFL licensed font, News Cycle, that is a realist sans-serif typeface based on specimens from ATF's 1908 News Gothic.

Let's have a look at some BIG letters to get an idea of design and then see what body text looks like:

News Cycle demo

Right now News Cycle has a nice coverage of Latin glyphs and beginnings of support for Cyrillic and Greek. Bold and Italic faces will follow some time later. Development is happening at Launchpad, so you can track progress and file bug reports.

And if you are really curious, the font development tree has a branch that contains a FontForge project file with embedded bitmaps of original 1908 specimens.

Download TTF

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