New version of PT Sans font family

Paratype released new version of its free-as-in-speech PT Sans font family.


  • missing Esperanto characters plus non-breakable hyphen glyph were added;
  • smaller bounding box width for numerals;
  • improved kerning;
  • German Eszet glyph (germandbls) looks more traditional now;
  • some vertical metrics were adjusted to fix incorrect calculation of text placement on Unix/Linux and Mac;
  • 'ccmp' OpenType feature was added;
  • hinting was improved for the bold typeface;
  • embedded bitmaps were added for small font sizes;
  • a separate font under OFL (with OFL text embedded) was generated;
  • EOT and WOFF versions for Web were generated.

Usual version | OFL version | EOT, WOFF

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