New SVG compositing spec is nearing completion

New SVG compositing spec is nearing completion

W3C's SVG working group has just published current draft of new specification that defines compositing in Scalable Vector Graphics standard.

The new specification is currently at "last call for comments" stage with comments accepted till April 12. When implemented, the new spec will be of great use for many Inkscape users.

Right now Inkscape has very few blending modes for layers (well, groups, actually): Normal, Multiply, Screen, Darken and Lighten. With new spec getting official "recommended" status the list will be joined by new modes like Overlay, Color Dodge, Color Burn, Hard Light, Soft Light, Difference and Exclusion.

The new spec also introduces several new notions, including knock-out — if the color and opacity of an object replaces the color and opacity of objects it overlaps in the container.

The new compositing specification is expected to become a W3C recommendation in September 2011.

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  1. very missing is the cmyk and solid (pantone, hks, focoltone, trumatch, ocs (from Ginger Coons ), etc.) colour support, for making easier all the process of colour separation for printing

    would be interesting when we start to see:

  2. Well, icc-color works fine, it just isn’t exported to PDF properly yet. Spot colors are a different story, and it’s all beyond the scope of compositing anyway :)