New “Secret Spaces” competition from LuxRender

New “Secret Spaces” competition from LuxRender

LuxRender team announced a new rendering competition which is this time all about "Secret Spaces". 

The secret spaces theme is broad and open to interpretation. Submissions are accepted till February 28th 11:59 UTC.

The rules, as copypasted from the announcement are:

  1. You must use LuxRender only, no SLG submissions. Use either the latest stable release, a weekly, or compile your own the day you start your render.
  2. You must create a new original work, you cannot re-render something you have already done. Reusing old models, however, is acceptable.
  3. You can use any modeling program/exporter you wish. (Yaay!) Just render in LuxRender (see rule #1).
  4. Submissions should be rendered to at least 1000 S/px. Carbonfluxing a render is not necessary.
  5. The only post production allowed is what is built in to LuxRender. (We are trying to showcase LuxRender, not Gimp or Photoshop.)
  6. The time frame for this competition is 1 month (a little extra time has been added due to the open nature of the theme). Submissions after February 28th 11:59 UTC will not be considered.
  7. The winner will be chosen by you via a forum poll.
  8. Final submissions must be posted to the corresponding competition gallery.

Please note that only new, original artwork is accepted, with an exception of using old models (but not further than that).

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