New free book in French on Scribus is available

New free book in French on Scribus is available

Floss Manuals Francophone have just announced immediate availability of a new free manual in French on Scribus—the free application for desktop publishing.

This is a 161 pages long book on basics of desktop publishing powered by Scribus. It covers essential topics such as creating layouts, understanding composition and typography (and fonts management using Fontmatrix). It also explains important concepts such as color management.

If you speak French and need to understand basics of desktop publishing using a free application such as Scribus, you will find the book a rather useful introduction. The book is freely available online, and a version in PDF can be downloaded too.

Scribus @ FOSS Manuals

The manual was written by a team of Scribus contributors from France, Canada, Switzerland and Niger during a book sprint in Strasbourg that took place on July 6-10. The sprint was sponsored by International Organization of la Francophonie.

Since all the FOSS manuals are stored in a wiki, you can contribute to the manual and/or translate it to other languages. Please contact FOSS manuals team to find out how you would proceed with that.

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  1. The actual link (on the word “online”)
    is broken (leads nowhere in fact)
    the link should be

  2. Alexandre Prokoudine 01 December 2011 at 7:53 pm

    Thanks, Louis! I’ve just fixed the link.

  3. Hi Alexandre !

    I guess that the Scribus website should have a link to your story. The book is (quite humbly since I am one of the authors!) quite good and will not suffer much from being outdated when further versions of Scribus come out—when they do :-)

    The Floss Manual licence allows for translations.

  4. Though this thread is super old by the time I’m posting, I just discovered Libre Graphics World as well as Scribus. So reading through the comments I notice a French manual for Scribus. Now that a few years have passed, the manual has been translated into many languages.


    Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese and two others are available through the header bar from the English link.