New character modeling and animation course explains BMesh

New character modeling and animation course explains BMesh

A new course by Pablo Vazquez on character modeling and animation with Blender is available for pre-order at Blender's e-shop.

This is the second course from Pablo and it introduces a new character, Koro, who is a guanaco. As the artist neatly put that, the goal of the new course is: “Next time you want to create a character, you know exactly what it takes to make it!”.

The DVD will guide you through the whole process: creating concept art, modeling, sculpting, adding fur, texturing, setting up materials, rigging.

The part of the video that covers modeling explains using Bmesh — the new Blender's mesh system that features n-side polygons and some new and extended tools. Which is why the DVD will be shipping with the latest and greatest version of Blender.

The DVD, currently priced at €24.75, will be delivered in 1080p Full HD with English and Spanish soundtracks and include all the resources required to follow the course.

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