New book on GIMP in French is out

Today Pearson officially launches sales of a new book on GIMP written by Olivier Lecarme and Karine Delvare.

The book is a 732 pages large cross between a user manual and a reference, and will be useful for newly joined users of GIMP.

GIMP book

You will learn basics of digital imaging, retouching photos, creating animations, preparing pictures for publishing in the Web. You will also learn to customize GIMP for your needs.

The book project also marks return of Karine Delvare who has been a priceless asset in GIMP's support team for years.

There is also a blog in French on the book hosted by Pearson with lots of samples of pages and a gallery of screenshots used in the book. Reportedly an English version of the book will be published by NoStarch next summer.

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