MLT 0.7.6 released with video stabilization filters

MLT 0.7.6 released with video stabilization filters

Dan Dennedy has just released a new version of his MLT multimedia framework with what he coquettishly calls minor enhancements. Do not trust a word of it: some of the changes are pretty rad, and that needs to be elaborated.

To begin with, this is the first public release of MLT to feature video stabilization filters. Both of them were ported from existing code by Marco Gittler, and we already covered the first one back in August. The second one has been merged shortly before releasing MLT 0.7.6 last night and does a rather better job to fix shaky hands effect. Here is a canonical demo of the new algo:

So far no video editor that relies on MLT uses them. For Kdenlive this is mainly because it went into feature freeze period during summer and got released just now (more on it later today). Since both of them need two passes to apply correction, they cannot be used as regular real-time filters, so they need a special case user interface anyway.

Some of the existing functionality has been improved: DeckLink producer got VITC and VANC capture, while DeckLink consumer got major improvements, and libavcodec/libavformat v53 got improved as well.

Filters also got quite a bit of attention: rotoscoping can now be used for masking filters, the pango (text layout) filter got outlining, padding, and alignment, and a whole new dynamictext filter was added (Dan lists burned-in timecode as one of use cases). Finally, there are really minor changes such as encoding presets for D-10, XDCAM, DNxHD and Sony-PSP.

The complete list of changes is available in the blog . Linux users can either download source code or, if you are Ubuntu users, use this stable versions PPA by Olivier Banus.

Featured image is courtesy (CC BY 2.0) by Ethan Lofton.

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  1. It’s so nice to see advanced automated solutions that will be useful to the average consumer who’s usually got tonnes of shaky videos from years past.

    It all depends on how it’s packaged, of course, but I’m just very excited to see yet another reason to recommend Linux or Open Source in general to the general public of computer owners. :) :). MLT A donation is coming your way as soon as I make use of this.

  2. Hi,*

    MLT 0.7.6 and kdenlive 0.8.2 have been uploaded to my other ppa (the “stable” one).

    Videostab2 filter is working great, but at this moment it’s a cli tool.
    In the recent kdenlive 0.8.2 release, videostab and viodeostab2 filters have been blacklisted waiting for a gui to be written.

  3. MLT 0.7.6 and kdenlive 0.8.2 have been uploaded to my other ppa (the “stable” one).

    Great! Fixing the text to link to it right now. Thanks for heads-up :)