Meet Tupi, KToon’s fork

Meet Tupi, KToon’s fork

As you probably already noticed, for quite a while there haven't been any news on KToon, a free 2D animation package, whose development was restarted not so long ago. Well, while there are no official news on the project, it does seem to be forked now.

Lack of news on the future of the project made one of its co-developers (who dosn't work for Labtoon SAS) to fork it and continue development. In case you are not that tech savvy, forking means taking existing source code and creating a new project with a new name on top of it. The new project is called Tupi, which stands for a formerly major ethnic group in Brazil.

So far there have been three weekly Git snapshots released with bugfixes and minor features. The developer intends to continue working on Tupi no matter what happens to KToon later.

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  1. Very interesting. The long anticipated relaunch of Ktoon felt like a bellyflop…