Meet Gradiator, a free CSS3 gradients generator

Meet Gradiator, a free CSS3 gradients generator

Folks from released Gradiator, a rather handy free CSS3 gradients generator that is quite fun to use and works on Linux.

This is a fairly new project: first revision was committed to public repository mere two weeks ago. Developers follow the recent trend and implement the UI in HTML5 which is rendered with Webkit. The outcome is (not) surprisingly neat:


The feature set is rather basic so far: adding and removing color stops (click anywhere to add, select and click Remove button to remove), dragging color stops around, setting color for color stops (by clicking the part of the info box hat shows the HEX value) and choosing direction.

Setting color stop

If you go for settings, you can choose what kind of output you need.

Graditaor settings

The default output predictably looks like this:

Gradiator output

Jono says they are working on gradient saving/editing at the moment, as well as a bunch of new features including radial gradients and specifying the exact angle of the gradient.

The homepage somewhat misleadingly states that Gradiator is the only CSS3 gradients app for Linux. Actually, for last couple of years GIMP 2.7.x has been shipped with a Python extension that does exactly that, even though it saves twice as little CSS code variants and surely cannot be qualified as a purely gradients app :).

Right now Gradiator is available as source code tarball and a build for Ubuntu. Reportedly Windows and Mac builds are in works.

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  1. Just worked! Cool. Now to learns some css3 :-)

    PS. This LGW site is super, looks good, feels good and has good content. Congrats

  2. Oops, didn’t realize that Gimp 2.7 made Gradients. We’ll update the website as soon as possible.

    Thanks for the review!

  3. Nice app! It looks great and the first stop of the default gradient is badass ;-)

  4. “Gradiator was made on Windows with proprietary software”

    This is classical example of “You are doing it the wrong way!”

  5. Alexandre Prokoudine 10 January 2012 at 4:48 pm

    @John Nope, I dare say this is a classical example of “Let’s see if people get the joke” :)

  6. I am noob to css and HTML . It helped me alot thanks @ALEXANDRE PROKOUDINE.