Mandelbulber 1.09 starts rendering 3D fractals on GPU

Mandelbulber 1.09 starts rendering 3D fractals on GPU

Oh hai! Have you notice the recent OpenCL craze? Well, the newly released Mandelbulber 1.09 joins the club and starts rendering 3D fractals right on GPUs.

Krzysztof Marczak started writing the code 3 montsh ago and thus far has ported rendering of several formulas to OpenCL: Hypercomplex, Kaleidoscopic IFS, Menger Sponge and Mandelbulb.

At this time it's a bit too early to judge on performance improvements, because OpenCL implementation isn't quite complete yet. However Krzysztof shared this:

What I can tell now that GPU is much faster for fractal rendering (up to 30 times), but accuracy is worse. I'm going to make more complex implementation with all shaders and effects. Then I will compare.

The new version has two more features: a new General Fold Box formula and animation effect for water (one of the primitive objects that v1.08 got).

Tweaked General Fold Box formula

As usual, Mandelbulber is available for various systems:

Mac builds are not available at this time.

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  1. Nice! How can I toggle CPU/GPU? Or it’s transparent to the user?

  2. Should be transparent, IIRC.