Mandelbulber 0.95: new Mandelbox options

Mandelbulber 0.95: new Mandelbox options

Krzysztof Marczak keeps exploring possibilities of Mandelbox formula in his free 3D fractals generator called Mandelbulber.

What's new:

  • lots of new options in Mandelbox like rotation and folding of planes;
  • better coloring in Mandelbox formula;
  • zooming in the fractal view window by dragging right mouse button;
  • irrelevant options are now automatically disabled;
  • several bugfixes.

New Mandelbox options

It's worth noting that if you are still on Ubuntu 10.04, either of binaries won't work due to demand for a newer version of libjpeg library. There are two ways to solve this: rebuilding the application using make all command in Release folder or creating a symbolic link (sudo ln -s) from to

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