Mandelbulber 0.92: progressive rendering introduced

Mandelbulber 0.92: progressive rendering introduced

Krzysztof Marczak released yet another new version of our favourite 3D fractals generator called Mandelbulber, this time — with just improvements and new features.

What's changed:

  • progressive rendering (increases resolution step by step while rendering);
  • any kind of camera related changes restart rendering now;
  • environment mapping effect was improved;
  • distance to fog is now controllable and updates in real-time;
  • "Fit to window" zooming mode was added and made default.

At first glance controllable distance to fog is a very exciting feature. You can pretty much simulate what you see on misty mornings out of your window.

Distance to fog

Except you probably wouldn't want see anything like this in your window one fine morning :)

You can download:

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