MakeHuman 1.0 alpha6 released with lots of improvements

Versions numbering in free software can be confusing. Sometimes you get a very nicely working tool that is officially an alpha or a beta. Developers of MakeHuman, a free parametric human body modeler, have a disclaimer about the software currently being a preview of the final version. Which, surely, doesn't make MakeHuman a less interesting tool and, more importantly, won't magically stop you drooling when you look at the list of changes in another newly released alpha.

We very much recommend reading the complete list of changes. Overall, every single bit of MakeHuman has been improved, from texture and color tools to native file format to exporting to user interface. And this is not even mentioning new features such as skeleton visualiser and plug-ins like Expressions and Randomize.

MakeHuman is completely free and available for Windows, Linux and Mac. It will exports models to OBJ, BHV, DAE (COLLADA), MD5 and other file formats.

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