MacroFusion delivers Enfuse GUI for Linux

MacroFusion delivers Enfuse GUI for Linux

After all these years Hugin stops being the only semi-sensible Linux based GUI for Enfuse — an excellent application for blending exposure and focus stacks.

Enfuse is praised, and rightfully so, for providing high quality blending of exposure stacks that makes most of the HDR + tonemapping solutions green with envy when it comes to producing natural looking, enjoaybly photographic output. The idea can be illustrated with a picture from Seb Perez-Duarte:

Nine to make one

Dariusz Duma attempted to finally resolve the issue of a lacking nice simple GUI for Enfuse and has just released the first public version of MacroFusion, quickly updating it with an even newer version that adds autoalignment of images. Here is a short demo:

All the Enfuse options have a nice description in Panotools wiki, please use it for reference. MacroFusion is available as a tar.gz archive. The application is written in Python, so you don't have to compile anything. For Windows and Mac users existing Enfuse GUIs are listed at the very same Panotools page.

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  1. Excellent! Every time we have more applications to work with RAW and HDR images on GNU/Linux.
    I tried MacroFusion with three photos and in simple steps I have achieved good results.