LuxRender gets multi-GPU support and layered materials

LuxRender gets multi-GPU support and layered materials

LuxRender developers posted an update on current state of affairs in the project, and not only LuxRender isn't dead or dormant contrary to lack of news on the website, it's actually seriously kicking.

The amount of changes already deserves a new release: multi-GPU support, “layered” material, “glossycoating” material, “metal2” material, several new textures, normal mapping support and much, much more.

However, to keep a better contact with the community the team started a development blog where they are planning to post news on all the cool things they do (notes to weekly builds presumably are going to stay).

Developers also reminded that they upload weekly builds for people willing to play with the latest and greatest. That means you can already try all of the new features mentioned above.

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  1. look’s, ATI/FGLRX users has muchs problem with blender cycles because is optimezed to nvidia CUDA, fglrx users OpenCL , i’ll test this gpu render and your integration with ati video cards

  2. I agree with Roberto.