Luminance HDR 2.0.1 released

Luminance HDR 2.0.1 released

If you read the review of Luminance HDR 2.0.0 (ex-Qtpfsgui), you probably remember scepsis regarding possible future of this project. However the new project's leader Davide Anastasia seems to be serious about making the application finally shine.

Most visible change in this release is return of 1.9.3 tone mapping with some improvements. The tone mapping dialog also has a new preference for view mode of LDR images by default (maximized vs. thumbnails). There are no builds for Windows yet, but source code and a build for Mac is available. Edit: Windows build is available now.

The future plans include fixing bugs in the tracker, improving memory management and making user interface understandable by mere mortals.

Source code | Mac OS X build | Windows build

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