‘Luke’s Escape’ animated film teaser released

‘Luke’s Escape’ animated film teaser released

Waqas Abdul Majeed and an international team of 3D artists and animators released a teaser of the "Luke's Escape" short animated film and started an IndieGoGo campaign to get funds for completing it.

The film is going to be a bit of a scary movie with properly creepy elements:

Luke, an ordinary kid, is having an extraordinary nightmare. He finds himself trapped in a strange factory, with armed guards at every exit. Eventually, he manages to find a way out – but are there worse things lurking outdoors in the dark, dead forest? Would Luke be guided by his fears or would he shoot an arrow in the dark?

The plot, as Waqas Abdul confides, stemmed from an idea of a poem.

The interesting bit about this project is the team. Here are just a few names. Reynante Martinez will work as art director, Oliver Villar Diz will do the job of CG generalist. Concept art is done by Bruce Mashbat, Daniel Kreuter is the lead modeler, Claudio Espinar Ruiz — the lead animator. For the Blender community it's pretty much a dream team.

The teaser, early renders and concept art show some serious, state-of-the-art work:

The team expects to raise $17,000 by September 11, so that they could spend more time on the project. Should they get the desired funding, the team will be able to complete the movie by the middle of the next year.

Needless to say, they heavily rely on GIMP and Blender, with Cycles used for the rendering of ca. 95% of shots so far. For the past year they've been publishing videos that explain various techniques they use. Here's a volumetric lighting & dust particles tutorial by Daniel Kreuter.

And here's a tutorial on texturing in GIMP by Simon McGlone:

Interested to support the project? Head over to IndieGoGo and help funding the production of the movie!

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  1. going to watch this movie

  2. Seems nice movie. Hope it to be a must watch movie.

  3. Ya I think I will watch this as well. Looks interesting.

  4. agree with james.I think lukes character is so impressive.it will be a great movie i think

  5. That software looks insane. I think I could never manage one of those. Hope the movie is a success!