Loomer is working on LV2 version of its plug-ins

Loomer is working on LV2 version of its plug-ins

Apparently we've missed some pretty exciting news: Loomer, a british company that does great commercial VST effects and instruments, is going to provide LV2 versions of its plug-ins meeting a popular request coming from its Linux users.

For those of you who are not entirely up to date, LV2 is an open extensible API for audio effects and instruments that is slowly but surely gaining popularity.

Back in August we reported that falkTX was working on LV2 wrapper for JUCE—the toolkit used for Loomer's plug-ins. It isn't clear whether his work was adopted by Loomer. The teaser featuring upcoming Ardour 3 and Loomer Strings synth, however, is in place:

Loomer Strings as LV2

The company says:

We currently have no official release date for the LV2 versions, other than to say soon.

The LV2 versions will presumably be available along with already existing native VST builds for Linux (both 32bit and 64bit) and standalone versions that work as JACK clients.

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