LittleCMS 2.2 adds support for ICC profiles metadata

LittleCMS 2.2 adds support for ICC profiles metadata

Marti Maria released an update to his color management module called LittleCMS that is used by nearly all color managed applications on Linux.

Apart from fixing all (sic!) known issues the new version introduces support for dict tag in ICC profiles which is the most recent addition to ICC.1:2004-10 standard. What's there for us? Well, if you can put arbitrary metadata to ICC profiles, that means you call also save device IDs. Now that opens a wide range of possibilities to make our lives easier. Exactly how?

Well, if color management system knows ID of a device and knows about a profile that has same ID, it can automatically apply that profile. Which is what GNOME Color Manager already does for autogenerated display ICC profiles, using EDID hash as such an ID. In the future it will be possible to tag newly generated printer/paper profiles with such tags; then when you choose a printer, a paper type and some resolution to print something, the printing system will automagically pick the right profile for you. As simple as that.

How far are we from that happy moment? Richard Hughes who is colord's and GNOME Color Manager's mastermind says the actual implementation is half an hour of work; it's the spec that is all the trouble (the current draft, featuring just displays, you can read here). By the way, yesterday he wrote a rather detailed blog post on current state of affairs. Don't hesitate to read it in your leasure time.

You can fetch source code of LittleCMS v2.2 here; builds for Fedora are already available, Ubuntu builds by Pascal will probably follow soon.

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  1. LittleCMS v2.2 binaries, for *Puppy Linux*, are available here: (compiled by me)

  2. Are you planning to update Blender build btw?

  3. Already in Oneiric

  4. OMG, what happened to Canonical? Someone nice bit them? :)