linuxwacom 0.10.11: fixes, better support for Bamboo

linuxwacom 0.10.11: fixes, better support for Bamboo

New version of Linux drivers for Wacom graphic tablets is out with mostly bugfixes and improved support for Bamboo Pen & Touch.

The other new feature is added support for built-in digitizer in Lenovo W700. You will also have to update your custom scripts for xsetwacom.

One thing very much worth mentioning is changes in development team. Until fairly recently a lion's share of the work was done by Ping Cheng who is Wacom employee. However since few months the amount of developers has been slowly, but steadily growing, and most of 160 commits for this version were done by other people. Simply put, it means more eyes on the code and thus better maintenance.

You can download source code of new version from here. Ubuntu users will probably want to wait for updates in doctormo's PPA.

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  1. Meanwhile both the PPA and the code in git have been updated. If your device is listed most likely it is supported.

  2. Oh, great news! Thanks!

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