Wacom drivers for Linux updated

Wacom drivers for Linux updated

Folks from linuxwacom project released a new version of the Wacom drivers for X.org.

This is mostly a bugfix release with a number of internal changes, not visible to a regular users. There are, however, few exceptions from that.

First of all, they added Wacom Intuos4 Wireless to 50-wacom.conf so that Wacom driver was used for Intuos4 WL PTK-540WL instead of the evdev driver.

The developers also fixed support for the second touch ring on the Cintiq 24HD by extending array of wheel actions.

Finally they wrote a description of touch gestures in the Wacom manual (man wacom).

Support for Intuos5 isn't done yet, but it's on radar. If you absolutely want compiling the new driver yourself, you can download it here.

Meanwhile the GNOME configuration tool gets better and better. You can now map buttons from the touch strip and map the device to a different display.

Mapping to a display

If you have a closer look at the screenshot above, you'll also notice that it is now possible to configure additional devices such as Airbrush. Cosimo demoed some of the new features in this video from late January:

So yes, it's also possible to calibrate your Cintiq as well now, just as planned.

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  1. Is the GNOME configuration tool tied in with gnome3 or can it be used with other desktop enviroments like gnome2, mate or xfce?
    After switching to mate on Mint12 I no longer can see the config tool.

  2. Alexandre Prokoudine 12 March 2012 at 5:04 pm

    You need gnome-settings-daemon from v3.4.

  3. Always a good news to know progress on Wacom.  Congratz for the new release and for the Gnome GUI !

  4. Users of other tablet (not Wacom) are careless under GNU / Linux.
    I read that perhaps those responsible for the wacom driver would take care of many models of tablets to be included in a only one single driver. I hope it’s true.

  5. @YAFU When you say “careless”, do you mean “not taken care of”?

  6. My bad English and terrible Google Translator ...
    I mean that users of other tablets are abandoned in GNU/Linux (compared to progress in wizardpen).
    I have a Genius tablet which uses wizardpen drivers. The current driver maintainer may not continue maintaining it. My tablet does not work with Qt applications and KDE people said I do not expect a quick solution, with a technical explanation that I do not quite understand. Genius People told me that at the moment are not interested in supporting GNU/Linux.

  7. Sorry, (compared to progress in wacom)

  8. I did not know the project. Thank you!
    My tablet does not require specific drivers sience 2.6.36 kernel and 2.5.99 evdev driver.
    In Lucid I have updated evdev (and all xorg) from xorg edgers ppa, and in fact do not need the wizardpen driver. Now I hope someone can make GUI tools to configure.
    Qt apps (pencil, krita) are still not working.

  9. Alexandre Prokoudine 14 March 2012 at 8:38 am

    I’m in conversation with DIGImend team, expect an extensive coverage soon :)

  10. Ok, I will be tuned waiting for an entry on the site about what they tell you.