Mint Spirit fonts project started to improve Linux Mint identity

Mint Spirit fonts project started to improve Linux Mint identity

Hirwen Harendal of ADF fame has just released an alpha version of Mint Spirit—a new font family that is part of Linux Mint branding.

Here is what he says:

Mint Spirit design rises in inspiration from Futura, Gillius, NeoGothis and Ubuntu fonts, keeping in mind the goal to obtain a clear, fresh, nice and modern typeface usable for text and screen rendering, based on the Linux Mint logo.

The font family consists of 4 basic faces:

Mint Spirit font family

All the font files have already been hinted:

Mint Spirit as UI font

Right now all the Mint Spirit fonts have a very basic Unicode coverage, the beta is going to cover Central and Eastern Europe, as well as Turkish alphabets, but also old-style figures and it's going to have a more complete set of OpenType features. A web version of the font family is also planned.

You can download a ZIP archive with the alpha version here. The license right now is GNU GPL V2 with font exception, but Hirwen says that it's possible that the license will be changed to OFL in the end.

Hirwen is also planning to release two new font families later this year. Houros is a result of studying e.g. Greek alphabet, and Solothurn fonts are part of Adelin distro branding.

Edit: apparently Hirwen and me didn't understand each other completely. It's not an official LM project. At least not just now. The header now better describes what the project is trying to do. Sorry about all the confusion.

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  1. Niiiice! Really like the shape of the M and n letters.

    Well suitable for headlines, quotes and short abstracts.

  2. This will not work as a system font.

    I dislike that the font was designed to follow-up the Linux Mint logo, instead of being a more “independent” design.

    And I see some bugs in the hinting, though this is an α release.

  3. Link seems to be broken…

  4. Alexandre Prokoudine 23 February 2012 at 5:49 am

    Which link?

  5. Jimmy Volatile 12 June 2012 at 11:17 am

    Here’s the link to all the fonts, including the new version of Mint Spirit