Lightworks for Linux and Mac scheduled for December, source code release postponed

During IBC2011 EditShare revealed that they schedule stable release of Lightworks, a critically acclaimed professional non-linear video editor, for November 29 with subsequent release of Linux and Mac versions on December 19, and postponed the source code release till Q3 2012.


The delay of the source code release, the company states, is due to high level of interest in Linux and Mac version which eventually led EditShare to the aforementioned rescheduling. That makes four stages in the process:

  1. Release of the freely distributable version, beginning of user community.
  2. Beginning of multi-tier membership program, Lightworks customized keyboard.
  3. Release of the final version for all three major OSes (Windows, Linux, Mac).
  4. Publication of the source code.

The new version of Lightworks was announced today as well, featuring:

  • support for file formats such as ProRes, Red R3D, DPX, IMX etc.;
  • interoperability through support for AAF, OMF and EDL;
  • built-in titling tool with keyframes based animation and hardware accelerated rendering;
  • stereoscopic rendering support;
  • support for EditShare Flow (assets management tool);
  • support for more editing consoles.

Lightworks keyboard

The keyboard customized for use with Lightworks was announced as well and will be available for sale soon starting at Ј95.

All pictures used in the news are (c) of EditShare.

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  1. that’s an interesting business model; maybe someone should start selling Krita tablets =P

  2. It’s comparatively easy to produce branded tablets. The problem is that you need strong selling channels that will have reasons for putting your hardware into store: larger margin comes to mind, which is the very devil to get for a startup that uses publicly available components :)

  3. Oh! I can hardly wait!

  4. IBC is an event that takes place in Amsterdam every year in September. I have been there many times and love both the city and the event ;-)