Libre Graphics Meeting 2014 program is made of awesome

Libre Graphics Meeting 2014 program is made of awesome

If you've been thinking whether you should attend Libre Graphics Meeting this year, you've dozens of reasons. The annual conference, taking place on April 2—5 in Leipzig, is going to be packed with interesting talks and workshops on graphic design, color management, 3D, and more topics.

The four strong tracks at the conference this year are type design, color management, crafts, and open hardware: from recently announced Valentina project (clothes pattern design app) to Magic Lantern (custom firmware for digital cameras), to multicoloured glyphs in OpenType fonts, to a workshop by Chris Murphy on end-to-end color management workflow with GIMP, Krita, Scribus and more free tools.

Dave Crossland and Werner Lemberg

Dave Crossland and Werner Lember (FontForge) at LGM 2013, photo by Maria Leandro

Libre Graphics Meeting 2014 is also hosting no less than 6 talks about Blender, including a presentation by Francesco Siddi on Project Gooseberry — a new audacious open movie by Blender Institute that will be worked on by 11 studios from around the world (more might join at a later stage). Even more: there will be a presentation of Afanasy, a free render farm management solution that supports Blender next to AfterEffects, Cinema4D, Houdini, 3ds Max, Maya, Nuke, and XSI.

Project Gooseberry

The event will also feature a talk by darktable's principal developer Johannes Hanika for the first time. Johannes will discuss the use of wavelets for image processing — still a somewhat underpromoted technology that opens many possibilities in digital photography postprocessing.

Visit the program page to find out more, way more about what you should expect from the event this year.

Last but not least, developers of free software need your support to get their travel expenses reimbursed. The event is free to attend for everyone, but this means that it relies on sponsoring from companies and the community. The net outcome of face-to-face meetings between developers and users is better integration between apps, better user interfaces, more useful features.

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