What will free software developers reveal at Libre Graphics Meeting 2014?

What will free software developers reveal at Libre Graphics Meeting 2014?

Eager to show what cool 3D/design project you were able to complete with free tools? Or maybe you developed such a tool? Then Libre Graphics Meeting 2014 is the right place for you to attend.

The program committee has just started accepting talk submissions for the conference that is taking place on April, 2-5, in Leipzig (Germany).

Every year developers of both major projects such as GIMP, Krita, MyPaint, Inkscape, Scribus, and less well-known experimental apps meet to demo their progress and work together on improving the ecosystem of free software for graphic design, 3D, and interactive media.

In the past, thanks to Libre Graphics Meeting the community got projects like UniConvertor vector file formats conversion tool, the open LensFun library for lens distortions correction, OpenRaster file format for project data exchange between bitmap editors, and more.

Since 2010 talks are more evenly distributed between developers and actual users of free software, the latter not only sharing their experience and various tricks to complete commercial projects, but also leading workshops on type design, digital painting and more topics. Type design workshops are typically led by OSP, as well as by Dave Crossland who consults Google withing the Google Web Fonts project. Digital painting workshops were done by David Revoy (Sintel, Tears of Steel art director) and Ramón Miranda.

Last year the conference had a visible mobile and interactive media track, as well as an open hardware track which quite shows the promise that tools of trade in the libre world won't fall behind the market trends.

This year the program committee is specifically interested in presentations that showcase how the gap between technical and design development can be bridged:

We are looking for contributions on computational and generative media; examples of projects where design decisions and experimentation is done directly with logic and code or indirectly with the end user providing constraints/selection of good results.

We are interested in projects where design and development are considered necessary ingredients in a collaborative process done by peers of technological artists, using and pushing the constraints of creative work.

You can find out more about ways you could present your project and other related information here. To make a talk submission please visit this page.

All submissions will be accepted till January, 15. Results will be announced to everyone who submitted talk proposals no later than on January, 25.

If you would like to simply attend the conference and/or take part at workshops, don't hesitate to register for the conference.

Finally, if there's no way you can attend Libre Graphics Meeting 2014, but you would still like to express your willingness to support developers of free software, you can donate to the fund from which the money will be used to reimburse travel expenses for attending developers.

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  1. I am sure they will reveal many new softwares in this meeting

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    how are u sure, any information ?

  3. How can I register to attend? Is there any fee?