Libre Graphics Magazine #1 — “First Encounters. Taking Flight.”

The idea to create a magazine on free graphics software using the very same software was first articulated at Libre Graphics World 2006 in Lyon. This spring shortly before LGM2010 Ana Carvalho, Ginger Coons and Ricardo Lafuente cooked up a pilot issue.

Fortunately they haven't stopped at that and this week they released the first regular issue of Libre Graphics Magazine.


The issue's theme is first experiences and taking flight which very nicely reflects the editorial team's own feelings. Apart from theme's articles #1 features stories on using free graphics software in education and two interviews: one with Fontmatrix's developer Pierre Marchand, and one with DejaVu's type designer Ben Laenen.

A spread

There is a commercial part of the project to discover. Having started with a Pledgie campaign to finance printing of the first issue for handing around at several upcoming art events, the editorial team quickly realized that the project needs a more solid business model. Thus the first issue is available in paper for quite reasonable money ($12CAD, or a year's subscription). The campaign is however still on in case somebody wants to sponsor the project without directly buying a hardcopy.

The work on magazine is open, all content is stored in Git repository at Gitorious. There are two PDFs to download: a lighter version for reading off display and a larger version for printing.


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