libpano13 2.9.17 released with general Pannini projection

A couple of weeks ago new version of libpano13 library was rather silently released to the masses.

What's in this release:

  • new General Pannini projection (f19);
  • new function to query dynamic FOV limits;
  • an updated version of Helmut Dersch's Moving Panoramas Remap;
  • two new independent systems of aligning mosaic mode panoramas where camera position changes between shots: one system uses TiX,TiY,TiZ,TiS parameters, the other system (used by upcoming Hugin 2010.2.0) uses TrX,TrY,TrZ; there is also experimental support for adjusting the mosaic plane with Te0 and Te1 parameters;
  • CMake-based build system was added, autotools is still the default, but migt be removed in the next version;
  • build fixes for Windows, Linux, Solaris.
  • all kinds of cleanups and bug fixes.

As you can guess, this version will be required for Hugin 2010.2.0 to build. If you build Hugin yourself, fetch it now, soon you'll need it.

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