Liquid rescale library updated

A new version of liblqr, a seam-carving C/C++ library, is out with major improvements.

New features:

  • Support for image types (color models): GREY, GREYA, RGB, RGBA, CMY, CMYK, CMYKA and custom
  • Additional builtin energy functions based on luma instead of brightness
  • Support for custom energy functions
  • Functions to read out the energy map
  • Cancel function to interrupt computations
  • Additional methods for bias and rigidity masks
  • Use a single progress instead of several ones when the update is performed in steps
  • Can handle input buffers non-destructively

Performace related changes:

  • Faster rescaling thanks to optimisations in the code
  • Spare memory when not using features (e.g. the bias)


  • The default installation directory is now /usr instead of /usr/local
  • Compiling under MinGW now correctly produces a DLL with the default settings
  • Now it also compiles correctly under MS Visual C++ on Windows
  • All public macro names start with LQR_* (old versions are still available but can be disabled at configure time)

This release is a result of Carlo's work with digiKam project. A new version of the GIMP plug-in is in the works too. But even currently released version will benefit from this new version of the library perfomance-wise.

Source code is available for downloading.

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