Lettering and logo design by Filip Komorowski

Lettering and logo design by Filip Komorowski

Lettering and logo design are some of the areas where Inkscape truly shines thanks to well designed shape and path drawing tools. Today we are looking at the work by Filip Komorowski, an artist from Poland.

The are hardly any words this time, and I hope you will appreciate that. After all, if talking about music is like dancing about architecture, then surely LGW could skip a few comments.

There are a lot more examples in Filip's gallery on Behance.

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  1. i have only one problem right now..is the gradiant…

    On my screen, Innkscape gradiants are too sharp…

    where as paid ones have soft, graidiant..like illustrator…Or else. i think inkscape is better than any paid…

  2. Alexandre Prokoudine 08 March 2013 at 9:31 am

    By sharp gradients you mean visible threshold in color transitions?

  3. i really like the solidarnosc one (because for the history that solidarnosc has taken in history :)

  4. @alexandre yes…exactly ...i mean visible threshold in the color transitions! is there any way that could be achieved in inkscape..?

  5. Chris Fiedler 08 March 2013 at 2:11 pm

    Very nice Logos!

  6. Amazing! I use inkscape from time to time, to make a banner, to make stickers, or wallpapers. But this is way beyond my skills. I hope I’ll be that good one day :)

  7. nice works.

  8. Alexandre Prokoudine 13 March 2013 at 4:25 pm

    @syed, There’s not a lot that can be done about gradients right now. Inkscape divides each gradient into a fixed amount of steps to render, so in many cases you do get banding no matter what. One possible way to work around that is to apply dithering e.g. in GIMP.

  9. I’m a bit late but.. Wasn’t there that thing about inserting additional gradient stops in order to get smoother looking gradients? I think I read this somewhere some time ago…

    Btw. some really fresh designs there. Nice find!

  10. I’m familiar with Filip’s works and always loved it.  I plan on having my staff persons get familiar with Inkscape.  Been hearing good reviews.

  11. They’re all stunning designs - particularly like to DJ Logos. What software are you creating the texts with?

  12. A great share, Alexandre! Very creative work by Mr. Filip Komorowski! I do believe that inkscape is one of the best open source software vector graphics editor.  The only disadvantage it has is that it can be slow on big or large cave files. However, when you want to create detailed graphic works, inkscape is definitely the best.

  13. Its really amazing i like second one funk with pink color

    Keep it up

  14. Not familiar with inkscape, but the results are amazing… Even tho long life to AI lol…

    Love Filip work… Some of the logos has a very strong vintage / retro feel