Laidout 0.091 released with imposition editor

Tom Lechner released a new version of his magic app called Laidout that features many things you don't find in conventional free vector graphics and DTP applications.

This version has several major new features:

  • first take at multitouch support, works for selection tool so far, will be enhanced later;
  • exporting of PLAN file for further imposition with podofoimpose;
  • importing/exporting of Scribus files is improved: linked text frames and page number fields are supported now;
  • several improvements in spread editor like changing page status marks for many pages at the same time;
  • imposition editor where you can fold a piece of paper right on screen and define how it folds, here is a demonstration from Laidout's developer:

More details are available in release notes at The next version is going to have improvements of newly added features and, hopefully, support Scribus master pages.

For general review of Laidout's features you can watch Tom's talk at Libre Graphics Meeting 2010 conference. Downloading options are:

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