Krita team raises €15K on Kickstarter, revisits OSX plans

Krita team raises €15K on Kickstarter, revisits OSX plans

The first fundraiser by Krita developers is a financial success: three weeks into the campaign, creators of a popular free/libre painting app raised the requested €15K and are now on the way towards the first stretch goal.

With over €16K in the stash and 7 days to go, the team isn't idle. Over the past few weeks they implemented quite a few new features, including at least one that were supposed to be among deliverables of the campaign:

They also improved robustness of the loading of Photoshop's ABR brushes, made WMF, EMF, and SVG files loadable into single vector shapes, and improved an existing brush stabilizer.

More importantly, they revisited their plans for an OSX port. The initial idea was to make it the second stretch goal (€75.000 euros). Some of the users were, quite predictably, concerned about that. One typical comment for a coverage at was:

I'm not sure... 75k so they can start on a mac port? Kinda poor form, since if I donate toward that and they don't reach that 'goal', then I'm out money, but still can't use the software.

The first reaction of the team was:

If we don't get enough funding for a mac port then we might do a separate kickstarter, but that'll be next year, and a mac port will then be for, I guess, 3.1 or 3.2.

However, Boudewijn Rempt, lead developer of the project, was determined to show to OSX users that the team means business. He started reevaluating the amount of work that needs to be done to provide a Krita build and discovered that a very basic, proof-of-concept port is already doable.

I thought I'd need that [Qt5 port], but I actually have got a more or less working stripped-down KDE 4 build that has only the bits we need for Krita.

We [still] do need funding to make the OSX port good enough. It's a huge amount of work: from OpenGL bugs to missing brush engines, from Krita only seeing 1GB of memory to missing dependencies, from a broken right-click palette to GUI ugliness.

Once you go beyond what you can do on your free saturday, development speed depends on available time, which is a direct function of available money.

I guess I will keep making these builds available together with Windows builds, but how good they will be — it depends on the problems I encounter, and the time I can free up for it.

As for the Qt5 port that is a prerequisite for a clean(er) OSX port, there might be another fundraiser around December specifically for that. The team wants the Qt5 port done by March 2015. There are no fixed plans for any further Kickstarter activity other than trying to raise more awareness for the running campaign and go up to at least 20K euros.

The latest build for OSX along with a disclaimer on feature parity against Windows/Linux version is available for downloading. There's also an unstable build for Windows.

The campaign will end in 7 days, there's still time to get another developer to work on Krita full-time.

Edit: the campaign closed on July 10 with €19,955 collected.

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  1. I would like to see an android version . Don’t like Apple

  2. this is great news. it’s very encouraging to see a focused ambitious team shoot for a high standard and be rewarded. graphics software has move ahead quite a lot in the past few years. the only way to produce a compelling application in this environment is to have more professional attitude where you take the state of the art seriously and understand the tools and performance demands that successful commercial software has to provide in order to be successful. anything less is not going to produce tools for a large user base and lead to shortsighted software engineering that will not scale as graphics progress is made. a list of hard goals is precisely the correct way to progress imo. it helps clarify and weed out frivolous ideas. 

    given a talented group of developers with a sharp focus current graphics trends and software quality see no shortage of funding by users and other organizations, studios etc. its simply a question of will and hard work.

  3. it is also apparent that copying text into the comment box deletes certain words unfortunately…  :( better luck next time with the broken english I guess.

  4. Great works from the Krita team. I made sure I chipped in on behalf of all us OSX users out there. As an aside, I rather they retired their “Kiki” mascot; it kind of creeps me out.

  5. Gimp needs a kickstarter campain and developers the most, out of any Linux application!. Still waiting for 32bit floating point in Gimp. Will I see this in my lifetime?. Or should I just give in and dump Linux. Get a Mac with OSX and use Photoshop CC, for something that should have been in Gimp decades ago. When I use Darktable I do not want to convert my 16 bit Tiff images to 8 bit every time I use Gimp. No wonder most professional photgraphers don’t take Gimp seriously for their work. Maybe Krita should now focus more on photographers, since Gimp is unreliable and useless for over 8 bit images. Instead of supporting OSX. Concentrate on giving Krita professional photography features. Like filters and presets geared towards photographers.

  6. Alexandre Prokoudine 24 July 2014 at 8:48 pm

    Gimp needs a kickstarter campain and developers the most, out of any Linux application!

    That suggests that GIMP developers retire from their existing jobs. Except probably one contributor who wouldn’t mind doing paid development.

    Still waiting for 32bit floating point in Gimp. Will I see this in my lifetime?.

    Been using it here for the past two years. Unstable builds for Windows available at etc.

  7. that was a great news

  8. That’s awesome and finally I have got what I was searching for days.

    Thank you so much ... Keep sharing awesome stuff :)

  9. Really awesome! Congratulations. We are expecting updates soon :)