Krita, free painting app, launches Kickstarter campaign

Krita, free painting app, launches Kickstarter campaign

In an attempt to fund full-time work on Krita by two developers, Krita Foundation is running a Kickstarter campaign. The goal is to collect the money to add various new features requested by the artists community and release them as part of the next version of the painting software.

For the past several years developers have done a substantial progress towards making Krita a world-class painting application that is now used in production by both freelance artists (check out David Revoy and Ramón Miranda) and a few VFX houses (Digital Domain in "G.I. Joe 2").

The team prepared a video where developers explain why they are looking for the support of the artists community:

For the past few years the Krita team has been trying to make the project truly sustainable. In December 2012, they launched Krita Foundation that handles funds and employs Dmitry Kazakov on full-time basis. Since then the funds come from various sources, such as one-time and recurring donations, training DVD sales, commercial support, sales on Steam.

For a wider community of artists, however, Krita is still a fairly new kid on the block, the media coverage is not too broad yet, so the income is currently insufficient to employ one full-time developer. Boudewijn Rempt, lead developer of Krita, says:

I know our user base is still relatively tiny, with over 250.000 windows downloads since the release of v2.8 (Linux is not measurable, of course). As the user base grows, which it does, I expect the donation income to grow, too.

This is where Kickstarter is supposed to help by both promoting the project and focusing the community on supporting the project in return for features that are in demand.

The fundraiser is already among staff picks at Kickstarter which appears to have helped: at the moment of publishing this, 163 backers have already contributed €4,538 of the €15,000 goal, and there are 27 days more to go.

So what will you be getting in ca. 7 months, should you choose to support the project?

The Kickstarter page lists 24 features (for the first goal and the stretch goal) that amount to these several points:

  • all sorts of improvements in brush engines;
  • more and better transformation tools;
  • far more powerful masks;
  • Photoshop-like layer styles with support for those in PSD loader/saver;
  • GPU-side color grading;
  • workflow and usability improvements.

The team aims to deliver the first 12 features in the next version of Krita which will be v2.9 or, should they fail to make that happen, continue working on that and release the rest as part of v3.0. The other 12 features will be done within the same time frame, if the project gets €35,000, and thus another developer, Sven Langkamp, can join in for full-time work.

Among stretch goals there is also an OSX port which is difficult at the moment due to technical complications such as removing the excessive dependencies on KDE libraries. The expected move to KDE Frameworks in Krita 3.0 should accelerate delivery of a DMG, same as getting a dedicated Mac through this Kickstarter campaign.

In a nutshell, by choosing to support Krita you would help the go-to painting app on Linux to gain more features in demand by full-time artists, which would boost its adoption and bring the whole project closer towards financial sustainability.

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  1. I never bothered learning about Krita as it was always “marketed” for graphic artists, but not photographers, image retouching, etc. Gimp is great but as soon as I started playing around with Krita I felt much more at home.
    I may not be good enough to draw dragons and sexy flying female elves yet but I like the interface better, especially when coming from Photoshop. Good luck for 2.9 and those 24 (finger crossed for a successful campaign) updates.

  2. This is great. I wish more opensource applications would take to kickstarter. I’m looking at you, Gimp and Inkscape :)

  3. I’m really impressed with this new software release cycle! But to be honest I’m dying even more to download the new version of Inkscape. When will it come out? ;-|

  4. serrurerie puteaux 18 June 2014 at 5:15 am

    owah, this is superb. I am really impressed. we should give thanks to kickstarter for this help, ain’t we?

  5. No. We should not give thanks to kickstarter.

    Kickstarter does not help Krita. Kickstarter helps the people willing to help Krita with their own money, directly to the Krita developers, via the kickstarter platform. The best way to “give thanks” is to give money to help the developers, and “give thanks” to the dude behind Thank you for your contribution in keeping track on anything we love about open source projects. Sometimes I take it as granted this website exists.