Krita Foundation starts shipping Muses, the second training DVD

Krita Foundation starts shipping Muses, the second training DVD

Muses, the second training DVD by Krita Foundation, is now available for regular orders.

Earlier this week Krita Foundation started delivering preorders of the training course created by Ramon Miranda. Along with David Revoy and several other professional artists, Ramon is commonly attributed as the person who helped Krita rising to fame as a sophisticated free tool for digital painting.

The nearly 5 hours long course on painting with Krita consists of three parts: understanding and customizing the application, how to use brushes, layers and blending modes, learning sketching techniques, colorization etc.

Here's the contents:

Part I:

Understanding the UI
Workspace and Dockers
File Handling
Setting The prefs

Part II:

Brushes & presets
Blending Modes

Part III:

Sketching Techniques

Ramon also created a set of brushes to go with this course and published it in September 2013.

Last year the DVD got a modest amount of preorders (a little over 50), and now it's available at a regular price of €32,50 including shipping. Krita Foundation uses the money to pay Dmitry Kazakov for full-time development of the application.

A new version of Krita is expected later this month with new free transformation tool, true greyscale masks and selections, an Image Offset tool for texturing, and more new and improved features.

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