Krita announces first community supported training DVD

Growth of connections between users and developers is one of the things that I really hoped to see emerging thanks to Libre Graphics Meeting. Well, this year's LGM starts bearing fruits: Krita project together with an artist Animtim announced a community sponsored project to create a comic book + training DVD on comics production with Krita and other free tools.

The team is hoping to raise two thousand euros to get Animtim to work full time on the project. All the digital data including videos will be released under one of Creative Commons licenses in sync with launch of Krita 2.4 currently expected in October.

This is not the first community sponsored project for Krita. In 2010 Lukas Tvrdy was financially supported to work on the digital painting related features full-time which eventually gained Krita more dedicated users.

Read the official announcement for more details.

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