KOffice 2.3.0 is out, featuring rethought Krita bitmap graphics editor

Having taken a short break, we are now catching up to things that happened shortly before and after new year.

The first news is that new version of KOffice, an suite of office applications for KDE, is out with many changes. The suite contains a bitmap graphics editor Krita and a vector graphics editor Karbon.

The changes in Krita to be listed below have some background worth telling. In January 2010 the team met with Peter Sikking who is usability architect for GIMP team, and discussed with him project vision of Krita, as well as some particular features. The new vision was Krita being a tool streamlined for digital painting. Thus very specific changes in the project over the last year.

For instance, a lot of work has gone into making Krita very snappy and responsive. The application now makes use of multicore configurations, boosting speeding up rendering while painting 50x times and update of display 20x times.

A lot of changes have been introduced to brush engines:

  • two news brush engines, for hatching and for sketchingl the sketching engine is a reimplementation of Harmony brush;
  • brush presets maganagement was implemented;
  • you can now rotate and scale a brush, its outline will change on-fly;
  • new input dynamics sensors have been added here and there.

Another important new feature is a new transformation tool implemented as a Google Summer of Code project. It has two modes: free transformation and grid-based transformation. The student created two video demonstrations; here's one for free transform mode:

And here is one for grid based transformation:

As for Karbon, last year this subproject lost its former maintainer, so Karbon got leas amount of love:

  • page layout is now saved correctly;
  • shapes can be loaded from the master page style;
  • selection is center on when zooming.

Finally, we have to remind that in early December 2010 the office suite was renamed to Calligra Suite, and some other suite components have been renamed as well.

You can download KOffice 2.3.0 here.

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  1. Since almost all of the KOffice development moved over to the Calligra project, the Karbon maintainer has been around again, making everyone very happy. Still, Karbon really needs more love and people interested in working on it. Anyone interested can join us on #calligra on irc.freenode.net.

  2. @boud: that’s definitely great news!