KOffice 2.2

New version of KDE office suite KOffice is out with major changes. The suite contains bitmap graphics editor Krita and vector graphics editor Karbon.

Main changes in Krita:

  • new tile engine Tiles3 by Dmitry Kazakov is used by default now;
  • brushes and painting:
    • new Grid brush, Soft Brush and Particle brush engines;
    • Sumi-E brush was renamed to Hairy and given "soak ink" option and masking;
    • lots of options were added to Pixel brush (like rotation angle);
    • Dynadraw engine was improved;
    • brush settings can be saved, loaded and searched for now;
    • current brush size can be changed by Shift+dragging;
    • bitmap brushes (.gih) can be rotated now;
    • basic support for Photoshop brushes (ABR) was implemented;
    • mapping of dynamic to saturation, hue, lightness and so on was added;
    • Smudge brush was fixed;
    • old pack of GIMP brushes was replaced with brushes by David Revoy created for his "Chaos and Evolutions" videocourse;
  • OpenShiva is thread-safe now and its filters can report progress status;
  • file formats support:
    • fixes for reading dpi in JPEG and PNG;
    • better performance in PDF importer;
    • import and export for PPM and JPEG2000, import of XCF and BMP;
    • rewritten import/export OpenEXR;
  • masks can now have blending modes and opacity;
  • dodge/burn was added;
  • XMP metadata was added;
  • other changes (with pretty pictures).

Changes in Karbon:

  • support for regions in SVG filters;
  • support for CSS in SVG importer.

Download the whole suite

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