Kinect Player 1.0.0 released

With Microsoft releasing Kinect — finally something really interesting after all these years — it was only a matter of time before open source tool were written for it.

There already have been some implementations before, but chances are that you are going to like Kinect Player — a simple free tool to record and play data from Kinect, as well, as rotate camera.

Kinect Player

The application is written primarily for Windows, but relies on multiplatform libraries such as Qt (4.7.1), OpenCV (2.2) and libfreenect, so it should compile on Linux and Mac just fine. Feel free to check that and report :) You will also need kinect-compression-using-opencv to build the tool.

Source code is currently available only in SVN:

svn checkout kinect-player-read-only

Windows users can download a prebuilt package.

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