KCM Wacom Tablet 1.3: calibration, autorotation, global shortcuts

KCM Wacom Tablet 1.3: calibration, autorotation, global shortcuts

It looks like Jorg Erichs really finished renaming KDE applet for Wacom tablets configuration and settled on KCM Wacom Tablet.

The new version includes all work by Jorg done for last several months, and it's recommended to have at least linuxwacom 0.10.11 in your Linux system.

First part of changes relates to tablet calibration and XRandR. You can now calibrate your tablet and configure which part of the screen maps to your tablet area. Additionally you can use "force proportions" feature to force-adjust tablet's area to screen area. If a video driver in use supports XRandR 1.2, you will also get automatic rotation of tablet whenever screen is rotated.

Screen to tablet mapping configuration

Second part of changes is related to user interface of the applet: it has more configurable settings for pen/eraser and touch now, and some settings changed their places. For instance, pen and eraser settings are now on the same tab, and touch settings got a whole tab to themselves.

Pen and eraser settings

The last big change is introduction of global shortcuts. You can now define shortcut to e.g. enable/disable touch or change absolute/relative mode of stylus and map this shortcut to a tablet pad button.


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  1. Let me guess. Only for KDE? ... :| ... I need mapping options ...

  2. Well, the KDE configuration applet is modeled after the one for GNOME. You can try to ping developer, whether he’s planning similar features set.

  3. I was poking him about this, no response :B hmm time for another go

  4. How can I check, if I have linuxwacom and which version? I have OpenSUSE 11.4 and it seems I don’t have it. Configuring my Wacom has been really awkward so far and a GUI tool would be heaven.

  5. This does it. I have to switch to KDE.

  6. @n-pigeon Good luck and please let me know about any news :) There were plans to do a native GNOME solution, but so far no code that I know of.

    @Tonttu I don’t know much about openSUSE, but from what I remember YaST is where you can check package versions.

  7. I was thinking something command line. But as I can’t find it in the package manager, it probably means I don’t have it. And there doesn’t seem to be an rpm package for linuxwacom..

  8. @Tonttu you can use: xsetwacom—version

  9. Thanks cyrille. I have 0.10.8. I can’t update from the package manager, so I went and downloaded xf86-input-wacom-0.11.0.tar.bz2 from http://sourceforge.net/projects/linuxwacom/files/xf86-input-wacom/
    I installed all the dependencies and managed to build it, but after restart I still get version info 0.10.8.

  10. @Tonttu Did you run ‘./configure’ with ‘—prefix=/usr’ option? I’d really recommend pinging packager of linuxwacom about a possible update, so that you could simply upgrade.

  11. Yes I ran configure and that was how I learned which libraries were missing. Thanks for making a post about the new version to raise awareness!

  12. I installed linuxwacom via the “newer” skript from the linuxwacom project (linucwacom_installer.sh) and installed afterwards kcm_tablet-1.3.2-1.1.x86_64.rpm,  wacom-0.11.1-11.1.1.src.rpm,  wacom-kmp-default-0.11.1_k2.6.37.6_0.5-4.1.x86_64.rpm and wacom-kmp-desktop-0.11.1_k2.6.37.6_0.5-4.1.x86_64.rpm for Opensuse 11.4 64bit. Now I can configure the keys on the pad, yet the pad is not mentioned as a device in the General tab and neither does xinput list show the pad anymore (it did after I had execured the linuxwacom_installer.sh, but that ment no GUI for configuration)... due to that I can no longer use the keys on the pad. Is this by chance a known bug with possibly a fix or some way to avoid it already known?

  13. Problem solved: I deinstalled all wacom*.rpm packages and restarted the linucwacom_installer.sh skript. After a restart of the system the Pad was recognized as an input device in xinput list again and the graphica configuration tool still worked fine. (kcm_tablet was still installed):D

  14. Oh, glad it worked :)