JUCE gets an LV2 wrapper

JUCE gets an LV2 wrapper

FalkTX who is mostly known as maintainer of KXSstudio, an Ubuntu spin-off for audio/music production, started a new exciting project.

He took a challenge of creating a JUCE wrapper for LV2 plug-ins. Does it sound like some geeky stuff? I bet it does, but the point is that it simplifies porting many virtual effects and instruments to open LV2 API supported by Ardour, Qtractor and other free DAWs.

First results of the project have been available since early May. For the sake of testing falkTX ported a free JUCE based reverb effect called Tal Reverb and successfully ran it in Ardour and lv2rack. The obligatory screenshot:

JUCE based Tal Reverb effect in Ardour

So, what exactly do we gain from that? Here is the deal. Pretty much all commercial and free VST effects and instruments are written in either platform specific (i.e. WIndows or Mac) toolkit or some custom library that provides UI widgets. JUCE is one of such libraries, and if you want to have an idea how popular it is, just look at the list of 3rd party developers using it: Korg, M-Audio, Muon Software...

Of course, we don't need all of that software in this case. But even Pianoteq virtual piano and Loomer's effects and synths would make quite a splash given current not exactly huge amount of high quality audio LV2 plugins.

If you are a developer interested to try the wrapper out, you can clone Git repository:

$ git clone git://repo.or.cz/juce-lv2.git

Stay tuned for more news on the subject.

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