Krita Gemini: Dr. Jekyll and… Dr. Jekyll

Krita Gemini: Dr. Jekyll and… Dr. Jekyll

KO GmbH announced immediate availability of Krita Gemini — tablet and desktop versions of Krita fused into a single application.

The selling point here is an automatic switching between the two versions without restarting the application. Just flip the screen from laptop position into tablet position, and the regular desktop version of Krita becomes the lightweight Krita Sketch.

This is possible thanks to a fairly new Windows event API. Which also means that for now the automatic part of the magic will only work on Windows 8.

However manual switching works on Linux just fine. The code currently lives in a branch. According to Boudewijn Rempt, lead developer of the project, the team has a firm intention to eventually merge that branch into Git master and release it as part of regular Calligra Suite.

There are no immediate plans to release a version of Krita for Android yet. Among main prerequisites here is the porting of Calligra Suite to Qt5 which is a work in progress.

If you have a Windows based laptop/tablet hybrid around, you can download Krita Gemini now.

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  1. meanwhile on real world, Krita doesn’t work under current Windows based OS, not the recent builds that is and the version that does is plagued with aggravating bugs.

  2. Nice application indeed