Inkscape’s Measure tool gets an update

Inkscape’s Measure tool gets an update

Back in June we reported that Felipe Sanches started working on a Measure tool for Inkscape. Few days ago Felipe committed an update to that tool.

Up till now the Measure tool only displayed distances between all objects (or, rather, edges) that its line intersected. The update adds summing up all the measured segments and displaying the calculated value. We cooked up a short video that demonstrates what the tool can do.

Here's just a plain boring list of features:

  • finds objects in unlocked layers and measures distance between them;
  • counts pixels by default, other units are available (90dpi is hardcoded);
  • counts angle for the current measurement line;
  • displays overall length from first object's outer border to last object's outer border;
  • snaps to various features (nodes, bouding boxes etc.)
  • font size for the tooltip is configurable.

There a still some things that have to be done, but the tool already looks mostly complete and will be part of Inkscape 0.49 whenever it's out.

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  1. amazing improvement! better than many cad measurement tools

  2. Please, CMYK in 0.49. This’s the only reason that would prevent me from using it to replaces Adobe Illustrator.

    I don’t want to count on TPB forever, as I still have no money, and if I have a choice in my situation…

  3. @somekrean

    I don’t think we’ll see native CMYK separation in Inkscape 0.49 unless a new developer or two join both Inkscape and Cairo teams to work just on that, and the 0.49 release is delayed. It’s really a lot of work, and so far noone feels motivated enough to do it. And sure, I do agree that this is very important.

  4. Best feature to bring CMYK into open source design tools. But if there is a perfect workaround what is the problemn then. The only thing is show the best way to do so :). Most important for me is inklevel the image to max 300%.

  5. @DigiDio

    One workaround is described here ;)

  6. Thanks for the info and very nice improvements on the Measure tool ! Next step that could be cool, is the ability to keep measures on canvas ! I mean convert the measures in editable text and lines ! Keep up the good work !

  7. I checked the nightly builds and it’s very cool. It seems a perfect tool to me. Another question about development stages. What happened to the cad-tools represented here
    Is there anything known about it? You know this is my personal obsession, but I think more people would appreciate it…

  8. What CAD tools exactly? The thread has links to all sorts of things. Could you be more specific please?

  9. Yes, the first answer by a guy named ‘heathenx’ to the question for an acad-plugin is a snapshot of a development within inkscape. I can’t find this anymore in the recent nightly build. I was wondering if there’s anything known about it.

  10. Alexandre Prokoudine 02 March 2012 at 11:38 pm

    Ah, I actually did a video about it :)

    There is nothing to be known about it. It was never resurrected.

  11. wasted energy, beautiful video. Hopefully someone will pick it up one day. Thanks for your quick answers!

  12. Totally agree with you Kasper, such a pity those tools where abandonned…